Sumi-e Class -- Sumi-e / Suiboku-ga / Ink Wash Painting / Japanese Traditional Black Ink Painting.

Come and Discover Sumi-e ! Experience Japanese Traditional Art ! You can capture the essence of Zen and Japanese aesthetics by making a Sumi-e painting. Participants from various areas of the world - USA, Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Brazil and more... 


【Online Traditional Ink Painting Private Lesson】 See below

【Online Fude-pen Ink Painting Group Lesson by donation】  

【Lecture, Demonstration, Workshop】  


Airbnb Experience Online  1hr Fude-pen class "Try Japanese Traditional Ink Painting"


Appeared on TV "Gururi Tokyo Edo Sanpo" at Tokyo MX TV, December 24, 2022

Featured in a TV program ”Tokyo Crossing” at TV Tokyo and its official Youtube channel, June 29, 2021

Featured in Nikkei Asian Review, Dec 19, 2019 edition (in English)

Open Studio:  Article on Tsumugu Website by Yomiuri Shimbun Oct 2019 

Featured in Yomiuri Shimbun's website, Nov 20, 2020 

Online Traditional Ink Painting Private Lesson

In this course, by following our original curriculum, you will slowly yet steadily learn traditional Sumi-e painting techniques and subjects in a step-by-step manner from the English-speaking artist. 

If you have something you would like to draw apart from the calculum, or if you would like to paint with Fude-pen, please let me know.

You will learn truly authentic techniques, which do not use liquid ink, but traditional solid ink, and specifically value the beauty of black color gradation, powerful brush strokes, and energy (qi). 

In addition to a PC camera, I also use a smartphone camera to show my brush strokes up-close to make it easier for you to understand how to move your brush.

At each class, you will receive a copy of sample painting by email. 

Each time you complete a Kyu (grade), you will pay 500 yen to receive an online certificate from the school. 

One-off participation is welcomed. 

In the first class, you will learn how to paint a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

I can offer a lesson for an individual as well as a group. 

Participants from various areas of the world - USA, Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Brazil and more... 



4,000 yen + Paypal transfer fee  /  1 hr  /  1 person

* You will pay through PayPal.Me in advance. Paypal transfer fee will be charged separately. If you have a Japanese bank account, bank transfer is also available.

March 2024 Fee Revision.


What to prepare: 

◆ Pencil and Eraser

◆ Old newspapers, to cover a table before painting

◆ 4 Dress pins 

◆ Ink stone 

◆ Ink stick 

◆ 3 or more Japanese/Chinese paint brushes (large, medium and very small) 

◆ Water container for cleaning brushes during painting (Plastic cup or similar can be a substitute) 

◆ Used towel to wipe brushes during painting 

◆ 2 Small plates with white inner sides (Plastic plates or similar can be a substitute)

◆ Small spoon

 White felted fabric underlay for the paper, something like thisSearch for "Drawing Felt Mat."

 5-10 Japanese Washi papers like this. (Very thin and soft one is preferable)

 White Paper for pencil sketching

 Fruit, vegetable or flower, following the teacher's request. (Only for beginner students) 

 PC or smartphone to use Zoom

 PayPal account


Student testimonial

"Tamayo's knowledge of sumi-e is incredibly deep, yet she made the art form accessible to me as a complete beginner. I am really proud of the paintings I was able to make after just a couple of months under her instruction. She also taught me about history, materials, painting techniques, and composition. She even recommended some interesting books about Zen philosophy and Japanese aesthetics so I could learn about cultural background, although I am located in the United States. I appreciated that she took the time to answer a lot of questions that I had. In addition, she is an encouraging and kind teacher who corrected me in a way that made me want to keep learning and keep painting. She has a professional method for doing lessons virtually, with two cameras so students can see her brushstrokes up close. Overall, I highly recommend Tamayo's classes. I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from such a talented instructor."