Casual online Japanese ink painting classes by donation in English.

【Online Fude-pen Ink Painting Group Lesson by donation】   日本語

On the second weekend of every month. 


I use Zoom to share my slide show to explain the authentic painting techniques of Sumi-e, as well as how you would apply the painting techniques to a calligraphy pen (Fude-pen). You will view my slide show to learn how to paint in a step by step manner and make your own artwork. In addition to a PC camera, I also use a smartphone camera to show my brush strokes up-close to make it easier for you to understand how to move your pen. 

Lastly, we will see each other’s paintings on screen to share creative joy. If you cannot prepare a calligraphy pen (Fude-pen), you can also use a brush with black watercolor or acrylic as a substitute. One-off participation is welcomed.


Do not worry if you have an aversion to painting. You will learn how to paint stroke by stroke, so it will be easy to follow. And you won't be asked to duplicate a sample painting, but you can create your own artwork using an original composition.


Students in all ages and countries are welcomed, including children.


Next classes:  


21:00 - 21:30, Saturday April 8, Japan Time      (If it is fully booked, I will add another class starting from 21:40)

(Check your local time. It would be Saturday afternoon in Europe)  


10:00 - 10:30, Sunday April 9, Japan Time

(Check your local time. It would be Saturday evening in NY, Saturday afternoon in LA) 


Painting subject: Canola flower


What to prepare:

Calligraphy pen (Fude-pen),  or small and large brushes with black watercolor or acrylic as a substitute. 

A few pieces of white paper, any kind. A4 copy paper is preferable.

A small plate with a spoonful of water.

A cloth to wipe your fingers.

PC or smartphone to use Zoom. 

PayPal account to donate me any amount you like through PayPal.Me.


Lesson content:

The class takes 30 mins in total. 

I use Zoom to teach how to use a calligraphy pen and apply Japanese ink painting techniques and share my screen to show a slide show about how to paint in a step by step manner.

You will be painting a different subject in each class.


Student testimonial

"Love it! The painting class was so relaxing." 

"That was a really lovely lesson, thank you so much. I'm looking forward to the next class." 

"How lovely to see you and paint with you! My daughter said she ‘really enjoyed it’ and i’d like to say thank you for this simple yet beautiful painting lesson. I used to think I couldn’t paint, now I believe I can! We’re still painting!" 

"I had so much fun! I will attend the next one thank you.. can't wait. Sumie is sooo beautiful."