25 years ago, I was fascinated by Sumi-e when I encountered works by Zen monk Sumi-e master from 14th century, then I started training traditional Sumi-e under Master Souu Meguro in Tokyo. I had brushed up my skills in a drawing school in Tokyo and an art college in London. 

I use a superfine Sumi; a Japanese black ink stick made of pine trees soot and natural glue by all handmade traditional technique. I rub down it on a topmost Suzuri (ink stone) and make Sumi ink, each time I paint.

I have had solo exhibitions and on-stage painting performances in Tokyo, NY and Frankfurt, and have been featured on a TV program, as well as web and magazine articles.


I am also working as an art writer and translator for museum exhibitions, books, magazines and websites, and am doing art classes to share creative joy.


Featured on a Japanese TV program and its official Youtube


Featured on Nikkei Asian Review